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We analyze millions of data points on thousands of real estate agents to match you with the best

How we're different

We cut through the noise to match you with only top-performing agents

Only the best agents

We use the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology to evaluate thousands of agents and match only the best ones with your unique needs.  

Unbiased and honest

Agents don’t pay us to be listed or promoted, so you know you’re getting unbiased matches.

100% free

Using Zenmatch is 100% free. You have no contracts to sign, no commitments to make. In fact, we'll reward you if you buy or sell your home with an agent you find through our site! 

Fast and easy

Answer a few quick questions and our cutting-edge SearchLight algorithm will match you with top agents.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our team of real estate experts are here for you, to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

For sellers

Sell your home for more money and faster

Sell for more money: Average agents will likely only get you an average sales price. Research shows that the best agents can often get you up to 15-20% more in sales price by better preparing, staging, pricing, marketing and selling your home.

Sell fast: A house that sits on the market too long loses appeal to buyers, often leading to a lower sales price. The best agents know how to sell properties fast, without sacrificing price.

For buyers

Find and buy your dream home at a great price

Local experience and expertise: Top Zenmatch agents have deep insider knowledge on how to find and successfully negotiate for the best homes in the best neighbourhoods. They're local experts on everything from what the 'good streets' are, to local services, schools, public transportation, to how to offer and negotiate the best possible price. They also often know about local private sale properties that aren't publicly listed in the areas you're targeting. They are truly local experts you need by your side when looking for your dream home. 

How It Works

We assess your needs, analyze thousands of agents that could be a match, then let you approve which agents you want us to connect you with


We quickly understand your unique needs by asking you a few questions that should take you less than two minutes to answer.


We analyze millions of data points across thousands of agents using our proprietary SearchLight™ algorithm.


We suggest several high-potential agents that could be a great match for you, and then you approve only the ones you'd like us to introduce you to.

Our Mission

Help home buyers and sellers with the biggest financial decision of their lives

Buying or selling property is, for most of us, the biggest financial decision of our lives. Too often, however, we either try to do it ourselves or with an under-performing real estate agent. 

Yet research shows that working with a top real estate agent leads to better prices, fewer days on the market, and an overall smoother, more enjoyable experience. 

At Zenmatch, we believe that it’s time that home buyers and sellers make the critical decision of which agent to work with equipped with the same leading edge data-driven tools that we now use in so many other aspects of our lives, from booking flights and hotels to comparing insurance and mortgage rates.

We are on your side, and we’re here to cut through all the noise and match you and your unique needs with the very best real estate agent best suited to you, and we do it fast, with no hassle, and 100% free.


Home buyers and sellers love using Zenmatch


We match you with the best agents in the business

“I am excited to be working with Zenmatch sellers. They better understand the benefits of working with an agent and come prepared with relevant questions. Zenmatch sellers have done their homework and are well informed –  more than the average seller. Overall, a great experience and looking forward to lots of successful sales!" Jozien V

"Zenmatch is great as it lets me spend way less time and money on finding new clients. But what I love most about Zenmatch is that their users are highly motivated and fit directly into my target market. I get matched with buyers and sellers similar to ones I’ve already served multiple times. This makes it easier to sit before them and serve them, up to a successful transaction! Really happy with this new service!" Roger L

We put in the work to analyze thousands of agents across Canada to find only the best ones

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